• August 18, 2021

How to play stock market mover with Tony’s Market Movers

You need to use the KOREAN KEY to navigate the game.Click on the button below to start.You may need to install Adobe Flash to view the video.The stock market is a game for the markets, which is how Tony’s market moppers works.You start with a small stock and can move it to buy, sell, hold,…

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How to calculate the value of your company’s stock market

You may have heard the term “market cap” being bandied about a lot lately.What this means is that your company has a market cap (market capitalization) equal to the value it is worth in the markets today, or $1 million in today’s dollars.This value can be calculated by multiplying your company by the number of…

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How Twitter and Google are making money off influencers

How do you become an influencer marketing company?If you’ve never thought about it before, influencer marketers are making a lot of money off of it.If you have a website or blog, you might be wondering how it works.Here’s everything you need to know.Influencer marketers, also known as influencers, are companies that promote content online, and…

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Which is the best free market game to buy today?

Today, the game market has been rocked by the arrival of two massive free-to-play titles.While we’ll continue to track free-market games for a while to come, this year’s crop of titles has brought some serious competition. Free-to

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