• November 25, 2021

King’s market: Markets reopen, prices remain stable

Markets in India have reopened for the holidays, with the average price of an Indian currency note hitting a record high of Rs 3,543.50 per 100 rupees ($2,100).The average of all currencies in India remained stable, while the rupee, which has lost value against the dollar since mid-March, rose to its highest level since May. Source:…

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The Next Five Years of Marketing

Five years from now, you might see a lot more marketers using marketing to create value for their customers.There are a lot of questions about how to grow your business, how to get started and where to go from here.As a marketing professional, you need to know where to start and what you need from…

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How much is a meatless burger worth?

A new report by the University of Texas Medical Branch of Economics shows a hamburger is worth about $4.60 if it is cooked to perfection, according to the National Restaurant Association.A burger is worth roughly $4 if it’s not overcooked or poorly cooked.It is about $2.70 if it doesn’t contain any meat at all, and…

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How to sell a holiday at your local mall

Posted by NBC News | January 04, 2018 09:08:25 A holiday is a big deal in the shopping world, and a big part of that is what to wear for it.The mall or department store can set you back hundreds of dollars and you have to be willing to spend a lot of time and…

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New King Charles II coins minted at the Kings Market in Krog Street

The new coins, minted by the Danish firm Kings Market, will be issued for the first time by the King Charles’ New Zealand Mint.They will be minted from June through August 2018.They feature a new, unique design of the royal coat of arms.The King Charles was born on August 7, 1750, and died on January…

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How to beat the Kings market hype

More than half of the top 50 Australian markets will open in 2018, the latest in a long line of big names that will be joined by other big names, including the big names in the industry.Read more…Top 50 Australian MarketsMarket Insider’s Top 50 Australian Market Markets2018Top 50 Australia MarketsMarket Intelligence has compiled a comprehensive…

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