• September 4, 2021

Kerala fish market closes after five years

Kerala’s fish market has closed in the wake of a five-year drought, which the government blames on the government’s failure to manage the state’s rivers.The Kerala State Council for Marine Conservation (KSCMC) announced on Monday that the market would close by the end of the month due to the threat of a repeat of last…

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How much is a meatless burger worth?

A new report by the University of Texas Medical Branch of Economics shows a hamburger is worth about $4.60 if it is cooked to perfection, according to the National Restaurant Association.A burger is worth roughly $4 if it’s not overcooked or poorly cooked.It is about $2.70 if it doesn’t contain any meat at all, and…

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How Amazon is using its data and targeting to drive sales in the digital world

Amazon is turning to new ways of using its massive database of consumer data to drive the growth of its online shopping business.The company is turning its data, called the Alexa data, into sales information and marketing targeting tools to help advertisers target consumers and businesses, according to a document obtained by The Washington Post.The…

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How to make your home more appealing to the city’s top real estate developers

Los Angeles has the world’s most expensive housing market, with median sales prices of $1.2 million for single-family homes and $2.3 million for detached homes, according to a Bloomberg analysis of data from real estate data provider Zillow.The market, which has seen more than a million new homes built in the past 12 months, is…

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