• October 29, 2021

How to profit from the hottest consumer products online, and how to avoid them

How do you make money from the latest gadgets and appliances?What products and services can you sell to consumers online?It’s a question that is all too common these days, as more and more products and gadgets become available online, making them more appealing to consumers.The question is: How do they make money?It seems, in a…

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Watch this brand’s brand of halal food go viral in India

Watch this iconic brand of Halal food become a global sensation.Watch it go viral on Facebook in India.“Its been a year since I first tasted Halal Food.And I am so happy I finally made it to India and tasted it, and I feel I finally have the chance to say thanks to my father for…

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A new ‘market’ for brands with a ‘marketing budget’

Marketplace, USA Today, and NPR, are participating in an experiment that could change how we buy products and services.Starting today, we’ll be able to buy ads in their entirety in the marketplace, which we’ll call “marketplace.”It’ll allow us to browse the same items and services in a different way.If you’re not already an affiliate, you…

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A few fish and chips that have been discontinued by McDonald’s

The Food Network and McDonald’s are now the subject of a lawsuit alleging they discriminated against Asian consumers.The complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta alleges that the fast food chain discriminates against Asian customers by not offering them as many of the same items that white customers can enjoy at its restaurants.The suit…

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