• July 12, 2021

Which city in Canada has the best coffee shops?

By Paul FournierPublished October 06, 2017 12:02:17A city may have more than a handful of coffee shops, but it’s not necessarily a big place to go for coffee.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the best places to go out for coffee, says Michael Mowat, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba.

He points to the fact that many places in Winnipeg are known as “green coffee houses” that are considered green spaces and are open to the public.

Mowar says that means they’re places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the natural environment around you.

“It’s just like having a garden in your neighbourhood,” Mowam says.

“We know that coffee is a lot of good for us.

It’s not a drug or a drink, it’s an energy source.”

Mowat says that a good coffee shop has a variety of options.

Some places will offer fresh, roasted coffee.

Others may offer specialty coffee.

Some will offer a variety.

And then there are coffee shops that are open only to members of the public, such as the one that’s been featured in the CBC documentary Coffee: The Life and Death of the Art.

It opened in 2007 and features a variety from traditional espresso drinks to a variety that’s made from locally sourced ingredients.

“You can go into a Starbucks and pick a cup, it’ll taste great,” says Mowatt.

“And then you can go in a coffee shop and see a really good selection of different coffees, so you can mix and match them.”

The coffee shop on the CBC series, Coffee: the Life and Deadliness of the art, also has a large collection of different beans available, along with a variety on the bar.

“There’s also a coffee house that’s only open to members, it doesn’t open to other people, and then there’s a cafe that’s open to everyone,” Mowsatt says.

“So the coffee house is very much an option for a variety and variety of people.”

For a list of other spots that offer coffee, click here .

For more information about coffee, go to the CBC website here.

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