• July 7, 2021

Why Mexico City’s market is booming with cheap beer

A new Mexican market is filling up fast with beer, beer-flavored cocktails and the latest craft beers.

Krog Street Market opened on Wednesday and will be one of the most popular spots for beer drinkers in the country.

 There are now more than 100 bars and restaurants selling beer, including a new craft beer joint.

The market has been a success for Krog, whose founder, José Díaz González, started the business when he was a young boy.

“I don’t have any children and I’m very happy to be here,” he told the AP by phone from the market’s main entrance, where a group of teenagers gathered to buy beer and play basketball.

Kromestown, a neighborhood popular with young Mexicans, is the second-largest market in the Mexican capital, with more than 200 businesses offering food and drinks.

Some of the biggest names include the Mexican Food Group and El Salvador’s El Salvador Food Group.

It is the largest Mexican food market in Europe and one of Mexico’s biggest markets.

A large market is the next step in the transformation of the city into a major beer market, said Francisco Javier Rodriguez, a beer and wine expert and founder of the Mexican Wine Institute.

People are going to be drinking beer at Krog as it is the most important drink in Mexico.

They will have the best beer and also the best cocktails and wines.

It’s an investment, he said.

Beer is being sold at about 25 percent of the market, with beer made with a combination of hops, corn and sugar, and other ingredients, he added.

Díaz, who opened Krog with a team of about 20 workers in 2014, has spent more than $1 million to expand the market.

He said he is looking to expand to other markets in the coming years.

Last year, the Mexican beer market surpassed the United States’ for the first time, according to industry group the Brewers Association.

Since the launch of the new market, sales of beer in Mexico has grown almost 25 percent to $1.3 billion, according the association.

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