• September 17, 2021

Larry Fish Market, Larry Fish Co., and Lawrence Fish Co. sue in federal court

In a lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Larry Fisher and Larry Fish’s Market Maker Co. and Lawrence Fisher’s Fish Market Co. say they are entitled to a preliminary injunction against the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the California Fish and Game Commission, and the Fish and Range Agency.

The complaint alleges the agency has violated their rights under the U.K.’s Wildlife Act by not implementing its proposed regulations that would protect fish and wildlife habitat from pollution.

The plaintiffs are also seeking monetary damages, punitive damages and a declaration that the agency is not acting with the intent to regulate the market.

The suit alleges that the federal government has no authority to regulate interstate commerce and has no obligation to implement the agency’s proposed regulations.

The Fish and Fishers are asking for an injunction to protect fish, wildlife, and water resources from pollution by placing a moratorium on all new fish farming.

The agency has said it is not planning to implement a regulation on the proposed rules, according to a statement on its website.

The California Department for Fish and Natural Resources has said its regulations are in the public interest.

“The agency is committed to protecting the health and welfare of California’s fish and other wildlife and is taking a number of measures to do just that,” the statement said.

The proposed rule requires a five-day notice before a proposed regulation is adopted.

The lawsuit also names the agency, Fish and Parks, the U., California Fish & Wildlife Commission, the Bureau of Land Management, the Natural Resources Conservation Commission, Fish &ammonia, Fish Management Districts and California State Parks.

Fish and the Fishers and the National Wildlife Federation are the only plaintiffs named in the lawsuit.

The EPA has not yet responded to a request for comment on the lawsuit filed on behalf of the agency.

The Trump administration has said the proposed regulations are needed to protect the state’s rivers, and that the EPA is considering how to regulate fish farming in the future.

The federal agency did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment on Friday.

The Fishers have not said how much they plan to spend on the legal battle.

The legal battle is the latest in a long series of battles over the Trump administration’s proposed rules to protect and preserve the environment.

The fish and wildland firefighting regulations were put on hold after the election, and a proposal to limit pollution from a new coal mine near the White River in southern Nevada was shelved.

In the past, the Fish &ammons and the Sierra Club have challenged the EPA’s rules on fish farming, arguing that they were not designed to protect wildlife.

The groups have also sued the EPA to prevent the agency from adopting its proposed rule on the state of Alaska.

Fish &ams said it would spend about $100,000 on the suit and would be filing the suit in the U

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