• September 4, 2021

Kerala fish market closes after five years

Kerala’s fish market has closed in the wake of a five-year drought, which the government blames on the government’s failure to manage the state’s rivers.

The Kerala State Council for Marine Conservation (KSCMC) announced on Monday that the market would close by the end of the month due to the threat of a repeat of last year’s water shortage.

The KSCMC said it had received a notification from the Department of Fisheries and Water Resources (DFWR) that the water levels of the rivers that form the Indian Ocean Basin (IOB) and the Indus River Basin (IRB) would be at their highest in two years, due to low levels of rainfall in the last two years.

This was followed by an order from the Centre for the Environment and Forests (CEFF), which stated that the levels of rivers would reach their maximum during the next two years due to “the high amount of sediment in the rivers”.

According to the KSCMAC, the situation in the IOB has worsened due to a combination of a combination the drought and the increase in monsoon rains, as well as the presence of sand and other minerals in the river systems.

Kerala has suffered from an average drought for more than five years.

The state has been under severe water shortages since the spring of 2017.

In October 2017, Kerala’s water levels fell below the emergency level for the first time in five years due the poor rainfall conditions.

In August, the state government imposed a moratorium on the sale of fish, as the state was in the process of implementing the State Water Resources Act.

The state has since implemented a new water management strategy.

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