• August 23, 2021

Trump to make Middle Eastern market the centerpiece of his Asia tour

The U.S. President-elect is expected to announce plans to establish an “Asia Pacific” market at his first state visit to the region.

The State Department confirmed Thursday that Trump will make the announcement Wednesday.

In addition to establishing the market, Trump is expected in Manila, Philippines, to announce a partnership with the Philippines’ state-owned bank, the Philippine Development Bank, that would see U.N. financial institutions use a portion of their own assets to help create the market.

The announcement would also provide an impetus to U.K.-based investment bank Glitnir to become a leading partner in the effort.

Glitnir has been developing an innovative technology that uses blockchain technology to track and secure assets, and is now developing technology that will allow investors to track assets of companies and financial institutions.

Glitir is a global technology platform for managing financial assets in an integrated and secure manner, as well as blockchain-based digital assets.

Trump’s visit to Asia could signal a new phase in his Asia trip, which began with his first official meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Washington, D.C. While the U.A.E. remains a priority for Trump’s trip, the president-elect has said that the region is where he wants to focus on.

“My Asia trip will focus on three pillars: trade, economic growth and leadership in the region,” Trump said at a joint press conference with Abe in Japan last week.

He continued: “This is the place where I want to bring people together and create jobs.

It is where we are going to get to rebuild our country.

We will be a stronger nation and we will be safer.

And we will have a much stronger and better future.”

Trump has made several visits to the Asia Pacific region since taking office in January, and his Asia visit is likely to be the first in which he will visit the region directly, in person.

President Obama will visit Japan on Jan. 12, while President-Elect Donald Trump will travel to Asia in December, according to White House officials.

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