• August 22, 2021

‘The perfect gift’: Dad-daughter team presents flowers at Market near me

A family of four decided to make their Christmas at the Market near them for their four children.

The market is just a few kilometres away from their home in the heart of St. Peter’s Square.

“It’s the perfect gift for them, and it’s so perfect for me, because it’s my own market,” said Ilona and Luca.

It’s also just one of the things that keeps them going.

“Ilona and her family have always enjoyed shopping, but the family is now more in the business of making Christmas shopping a family affair.

Ilona, an organiser, organises Christmas markets in her hometown of Palermo.

Ilonas father, Antonio, runs the market, and his daughter Ilona, 25, runs her own market in St. Catherine’s Square, which is close to her family home in Milan.”

We are the best market in Italy,” said the mother of four.””

We are always doing things together, and we love to spend time together.”

“We are the best market in Italy,” said the mother of four.

“The market here is very special to us.”

The market’s owner, Stefano Poggi, has been running the market for six years.

Ilons family, along with their friends, spend time shopping with Ilona every day.

“I really enjoy shopping, because I love to see my children and grandchildren smile,” said Stefano, who runs the St. Vincent’s Church of Santa Lucia, where Ilona also takes part in the services.

“There is always a smile, a smile of joy, and also, of course, love,” Stefano added.

Ilono and Lucas mother, Giulia, who lives in the city of Venezia, is a self-employed professional who runs a shop selling jewellery.

Iloni’s father, Giuseppe, runs a bakery and a market in Rome.

“Every day we have the market here, and I do the same,” said Giulia.

“But this year I started a new business, so we are doing a lot of shopping here too.”

Iloni, 28, who has also been volunteering for the local community for the past three years, also loves the market.

“This year, I am going to do my first market, at the market in Bologna,” she said.

“My parents and I have been going to the market every day since the first year.”

So we are planning to go to the markets in Brest, Rome and Palerma next year.

“Ilononi and her mother also plan to take their children to the Market for Christmas shopping.”

I am going through the market to sell the roses, because they are the most expensive.”

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