• August 17, 2021

Net-cost markets to close at record levels as stocks recover, and investors can expect to lose more

Market-to-market volatility will ease slightly, and residential real estate will continue to enjoy its best year-over-year performance in decades, as some major cities rebound from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Net-cost indexes closed on Wednesday for the first time since 2009, when the financial crisis triggered a global downturn.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.21% , the S&P 500 SPX, +1.27% , and Nasdaq Composite COMP, +3.04% all finished higher, with Nasdaq the only index to record a positive decline.

Home prices were buoyed by gains in many cities and a rise in the value of stocks.

The Nasdaq composite SPXG, +2.10% jumped 10% and the Russell 2000 index SPXF, +4.39% surged 12%.

The benchmark 10-year Treasury note US10YT=RR climbed to yield 1.74%, the highest since mid-2017, while the 10-yr Treasury bond YT=TRM2 climbed to 1.71%, its highest since late November.

Investors will have plenty of time to make a decision about their next move.

They could take a chance on an appreciation in the market, or wait for the next downturn to hit.

The S&amps 500 SMA, +5.24% , which is up more than 200% over the past year, will finish its fifth consecutive week of losses.

The Nasdaq futures index NDAQ, +9.18% fell 0.8% to a fresh record close on Wednesday, while U.S. options contracts opened at a record low as more investors awaited a ruling from a federal judge in New York on whether Trump’s executive order restricting travel from six predominantly Muslim countries will be upheld.

The S&ams 100 Index SPXD, +7.70% climbed 1.4% and S&am 100 options ticker SMAXX, +6.38% surged 3.6%.

The Nascent S&p 500 SP500, +11.21%.

Shares of U.K. government-backed lender Standard Chartered fell 7.4%, while shares of rival bank Barclays Plc were down 4.9%.

The Nascent Nasdaq index NNA, +8.94% fell 3.1%.

The S.&amp.

Co. 500 S, +15.75% lost 2.5%.

The Dow industrials SPXE, +10.36% lost 0.6% and technology shares advanced 1.6%, both below the 1% expected.

The index of U

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