• August 13, 2021

Which football team is the best?

The European champions Barcelona are the most popular team in Europe, according to a new survey, while Borussia Dortmund is the most profitable, according, for example, to a brand-spotting website.

Borussia Dortmund have already won the Champions League for four years running, and this year they will become the first team to finish as runners-up to the champions Juventus.

It is the first time the Bundesliga champions have been in the top ten, although Bayern Munich, with 11 points, are also ahead.

Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich are the only other team in the world that is ranked ahead of Barcelona.

In the rankings, they are ranked second, third and fourth, ahead of the Barcelona-Juventus champions.

Brasil’s champions Atletico are the third-most profitable team, with an estimated revenue of €4.5 billion, up from €3.3 billion last year.

The highest-earning team is Lyon, with a profit of €2.5 million.

Lyon are the top team in France, and they are expected to compete with the Paris Saint-Germain for the Champions Leagues title in the summer.

The second-most successful team in terms of revenue is Chelsea, with €1.4 billion in revenues, followed by Manchester United, who are also in the European top five.

United and Paris Saint Germain are the two highest-ranked teams in Europe.

In terms of turnover, United are the richest, with turnover of €1,000 million.

United’s financials are also a major focus for many analysts.

The club is owned by the Spanish billionaires Carlos Slim and Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea’s turnover is estimated at €500 million, but its revenue is around €600 million, meaning it is still in a financial state to compete in the Champions league.

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