• August 9, 2021

A ‘war’ is raging over the stocks of the agricultural sector

Farmers and traders are trying to keep their stock prices down amid the market turmoil.

Sources in the agri-food sector say they are witnessing the worst crisis in a decade.

Farmers and traders have been forced to resort to the stock market for the stock to recover, which has not been able to get any relief in recent times.

The stock market is currently closed due to the monsoon.

The stock market closed down to its lowest level in years in January this year.

The market is now operating with low liquidity, with traders taking out loans to cover their losses.

A farmer and trader in the state of Maharashtra, who did not wish to be named, told The Hindu that he has not seen the stock for over three years and has been losing money.

“We have not had any news on the market since November, but I have been unable to find any information.

I have also been unable for the last two years to get our crop in good condition for planting,” the farmer said.”

I cannot buy any product.

It is very difficult to buy products.

It has been very difficult for us to sell,” he said.

The state’s minister of agri, Nitin Gadkari, has said that farmers and traders will face a financial crisis if they continue to sell at a loss.

He said the stock is currently trading at Rs 3,800 crore (Rs 10.3 crore at the exchange rate).

The stock is down by 30% this year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

“The government is working hard to restore the market.

The state government has taken all measures to make the stock available for farmers and trade,” Gadkarian said in an interview with The Hindu.

He added that the government will ensure that the stock does not go down further.

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