• August 5, 2021

Mother’s market market opens in Auckland

Market Street in Auckland’s Auckland CBD has been re-opened after being closed for almost a week.

Key points:Market Street in the CBD reopened in Auckland on Saturday, after being shut for almost two weeksThe market opened on Saturday morning and has already seen an influx of customersMarket Street will remain open until Friday eveningMarket Street reopened after being blocked for nearly two weeksSource: News24 It was expected to reopen on Saturday but the market closed its doors early after an investigation by Auckland Council’s public safety and emergency services.

“We did not expect it to be this short-lived,” Auckland Council Chief Executive, Grant Robertson, said.

“It was not our intention to shut Market Street down overnight.”

Mr Robertson said the market had seen an estimated 80,000 people enter the market each day for a couple of hours and that had been met with “overwhelming interest”.

“We have seen a lot of families and young people coming to our market every day,” he said.

The city’s Public Safety and Emergency Services team, who were responsible for the operation of Market Street, were in the market to check on traffic.

“The safety of our shoppers is paramount, and the emergency services team has worked closely with our neighbours and other businesses to ensure safety and security,” Mr Robertson said.

Market Street opened in March and it is operated by The Barons Market, a family-owned business.

Market Street was shut down for more than two weeks due to a fire in August, which was put out by the Auckland Fire Brigade.

The closure was due to “an unacceptable level of fire activity in the property” but was reopened when the fire was extinguished.

The fire closed Market Street to shoppers, who could not be given a ticket for entering the building due to its fire danger status.

The Market Street Market reopened on Saturday after being reopened for two weeks.

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