• July 26, 2021

How to find a good bargain on the Internet

You’re not the only one with an urge to go shopping online.

You may also have noticed that shopping has been a hot topic lately.

There are plenty of retailers with their own social media pages, such as Amazon and Walmart.

And a growing number of retailers are offering their own online shopping platforms, as well.

There’s even a Walmart-branded online store.

The question is, which one is the best?

Here are some of the most popular online shopping options available today, according to data compiled by the online shopping site CNET.


Target’s online shopping platform 2.

Best Buy’s online store 3.

Target Express 4.

Amazon Prime 5.

Walmart’s online site 6.

Amazon’s shopping site 7.

Walmart.com 8.

BestBuy.com 9.

Walmart Express 10.

Bestbuy.com Express 11.

Best buy.com Prime 12.

Amazon.com 13.

Best purchase.com 14.

Amazon Express 15.

BestShop.com 16.

Amazon Shopping 17.

AmazonPrime.com 18.

WalmartShop.net 19.

WalmartExpress.com 20.

BestDeal.com 21.

Beststore.com 22.

Bestpay.com 23.

AmazonShop.ca 24.

WalmartDirect.com 25.

Amazon, Amazon Prime, Walmart.ca, WalmartExpress, Amazon.ca.com, AmazonShop, WalmartDirect, AmazonExpress.ca and WalmartExpressDirect.ca

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